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Monroe Turtle


Monroe was one of seven little turtles born on the shores of Mark Twain Lake. His parents were so proud of their first born and he turned out to be a good big brother to his little brothers and sisters.

As he grew he was always showing off and performing for the rest of the gang in the lake. But he had a big dream of someday being a movie star.

Early in his career he moved to Branson where he joined a band that performed cover tunes for that sixties sensation band...The Turtles. As much as he loved the small town stage and all his fans, he still dreamed of being a super star in the movies.

One day he decided that he needed to make the plunge and move to Hollywood if he ever wanted to be a star. So he climbed aboard a west-bound bus and four days later he was a small turtle in a big pond.

Over many years he had many small roles in famous movies as a stunt double and "family pet". Including; Dennis the Menace, Dukes of Hazard, Jaws, Flipper and Transformers. But he still wasn't making it as a Super Star.

Finally, he realized that he was always a Super Star at Mark Twain Lake. So he was back on that bus. This time heading east.

Once Jeff & Victoria, Mark Twain Landing's Park Managers, heard he was coming back to the Mark Twain Lake they contacted his agent and got an exclusive contract.

They knew he would ALWAYS be a Super Star at
Mark Twain Landing

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